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Angie Burnham

Angie Burnham
Angie is a long time Boulder resident, CU graduate and small business owner. She has worked in the Boulder Valley School District with special needs children and has worked in the larger community with disabled adults. From national peace actions to advocating for prisoner’s rights, Angie has shown her commitment to the peace and justice movement. She was the vice president of CSAN (Child Support Action Network) as well as a member of Women United for Justice, Community and Family, a welfare rights advocacy group. As one of the co-founders of BIC (Bosnian International Community) she helped facilitate a faculty exchange between the University of Mostar and the University of Colorado with grant assistance from the Open Society. She was also an advocate for a Bosnian refugee family in Boulder County. PACKED was Angie’s first film. http://www.packedfilm.org

Juan Stewart

Juan Ignacio Stewart

A native of Antigua, Guatemala, Juan Ignacio Stewart is a director, cinematographer, and educator based in Boulder, Colorado.

Nathaniel Kramer


Nat is an editor, videographer, filmmaker, and writer.

Cody Wiersema & Daniel Cooper

Gold Hill native Cody Wiersema and Daniel Cooper also assisted with the shooting.